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Hotel Self Service Kiosk

Guest Engagement Reinvented

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Self-service Technology make Guests' s Impressions Last.

Take Your Hotel to Greater Heights With Our True Cloud & Mobile Hotel Solutions

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Hotel Check-In Systems and Kiosks

Next-Gen Concierge

No More Lines. Technology helps with social distancing.

Next-Gen Concierge EXPRESS

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Aesthetically beautiful and ergonomically correct in design, it complements any hotel lobby, providing an immediate and involuntary positive first impression. Designed for durability, ease of use, cost, and safety in mind, it also serves as a signal for the invisible attributes of quality, reliability, and innovation, while taking into account all aspects of how a product engages with a user, including operation, features, assembly, and a form that aids in function.

Benefit to Customer


  • Better use of Hotel resource

  • Bid farewell to queues

  • A more personalized approach

  • Opportunities to generate revenue

  • Keep customer Satisfied

  • Minimize human error

  • A flexible solution to suit your requirements

  • Facilitate guest interaction

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Paperless Process

Environmental considerations & sustainability


The check-in or check-out process is performed with GUNA Next-Gen Concierge

The required information is sent to the PMS, or to a hotel email to be digitally managed and stored

Guests receive notification  with all the information


Bringing together multiple systems for a seamless experience.

Hotel Desk Check-In

Property Management System

GUNA Next-Gen Concierge is always open to integrate with all PMS to add to our scalability and provide data enrichment that enables business innovation, allowing the possibility for increased revenue through upselling, cross-selling and promotional offers to guests at the point of check-in.

Do Not Disturb

Door Lock Systems

GUNA Next-Gen Concierge icontinually partners with global and regional door lock providers to provide a robust solution regardless of types of door locks at the hotel, including mobile key.

Image by Jonas Leupe
Image by Patrick Tomasso

Payment Solutions

Working with leading payment gateway providers, payment aggregators and local banks using Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure safe and flexible payment options including e-wallet.

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SPEED. Incredibly fast guest Enrolment. Every step is automated and the process happens in seconds.

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PLUG & PLAY. Every action is familiar and simple. So simple that your guests don’t have to think about what to do. Not for a second.

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INTUITIVE. Every action is familiar and simple. So simple that your guests don’t have to think about what to do. Not for a second.

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ACCURATE DATA. Someone is trying to reduce errors. We make no mistakes possible. Registration, payment, and key programming – all actions are synchronized and accurate.

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SEAMLESS. Pre-register on mobile and get a room card or unique QR Code upon arrival at the hotel

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CUSTOMER CARE. In case of a lost card, re-allocate one room to another, extend a stay, additional charges. If you come up with something else – we want to find out.

Start improving your guest’s experience today.

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