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IT Solutions for Every Hotelier's Need.


Unleashing Potential POWER OF TECHNOLOGY

At g'hotelier, we believe that technology should support and enhance your hotel's success, not constrain it. With our wide range of best-in-class products, we provide customized solutions that fit your unique IT needs. We’re committed to excelling at our job so you can focus on doing yours.

Travelers can experience a hassle-free and personalized stay with Next-Gen Concierge. By a few clicks, travelers can check-in at the self-service next-gen concierge to save time.  Travelers can get physical room key card or download mobile key directly by scanning travel document and booking confirmation (QR code) at the self-service counter conveniently. Travelers are no longer required to queue up to check-in, they could do it anywhere via mobile app.
Hassle-free and Personalized Stay
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Ensuring Safe Social Distancing While Offering The Ultimate in Contactless Entry Convenience

Seamless and Secure WIFI SOLUTION

FREE WI-FI is the most demanded amenity


How much is free wi-fi costing you?  Do you offer tiered access services?  Can your gateway handle it?  ANTlabs is a multiple award-winning technology solution partner for service providers’ unique Internet business needs.  For 20 years and counting, ANTlabs has enabled viable business models and faster ROI for telcos, ISPs, airports, hotels and campuses – using end-to-end solutions with key patented technologies. We provide telco-grade reliability and enterprise-grade security, while ensuring our solutions scale to meet both current and future demands.

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Cloud HSIA is a cloud-based monthly subscribed secure solution that empowers business owners, IT, and marketing professionals with information needed for business decision-making and monetizing WiFi services.

Rain Cloud


Hotel smart tools that enable hotels to improve efficiency and guest experience. We offer innovative tools and services that help hotels easily exchange data, improving efficiency from hotel check-in to breakfast management to guest check-outs, and much more, all while facilitating a better guest experience and improved staff efficiency.

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assists hotels in improving service and check-in efficiency by allowing guests to digitally sign via touch screen in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

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Smart Identity

reduces guest waiting time, saving hotel internal resources and improving work efficiency, all while keeping guest data readily available on their PMS.

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Scanpay Payment

suitable for multiple PMS and POS systems, supporting a variety of payment methods. The front desk can accept payments in real time with custom transaction credentials. Increasing efficiency of front desk staff and reducing guest waiting time.

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Check-in Anywhere

provides divided-flow and holistic check in solutions, as well as offering “staff check-in” and “self check-in" through mobile APP, WAP, WEB, WECHAT and mobile SMS proposal.

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Smart Notifier

enables hotels, service apartments, and office buildings to communicate with their guests, whether it be by SMS, FAX, or email. KSN syncs with the OPERA PMS in real time and hotel staff can send SMSs and faxes directly via the OPERA. Hotels can also use KSN to to manage advertisement initiatives.

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One-click Billing & Invoicing

supports multi-business invoicing, automatic billing, automatic price calculation and taxation. One-click billing and invoicing improves the accuracy of billings without additional investment.


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