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GUNA 祝您 聖誕快樂 🎄 新年進步 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

藉著這普天同慶的日子,為我們珍而重之的您送上最真摯祝福,同時,衷心感謝您一直的信任和支持。 無論您身處何方,我們祝願您身體健康、快樂而平安,新一年活得更精彩動人!



12月22日(冬至) 營業時間為上午9:30 至 下午1:00

12月23(星期五) 至 12月27日(除夕 |星期二) 休息

* 24小時客戶服務熱線照常運作


Our X’Mas holiday will start from 23 December!

To celebrate the festive season, our service hours will be arranged as follows:

22 December (Winter solstice) Services are available during 09:30 am to 13:00 pm

23 December (Friday) to 27 December (Tuesday) Closed

* Round-the-clock Support Services Hotline will continue.

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